Known File Systems

This document contains a list of known open-source file systems and file system libraries that run on WinFsp. Please contact the WinFsp project to have your file system solution added to this list.

File Systems

  • blobfs-win - The native porting of the blobfs on the windows platform, blobfs can help you mount the Azure Blob storage as the local disk driver, no matter it is a Linux system or a Windows system.

  • Cryptomator - Multi-platform transparent client-side encryption of your files in the cloud

  • EncFS - an Encrypted Filesystem for FUSE

  • fsmemfs - Memory File System written in F#

  • fuse-3ds - FUSE Filesystem Python scripts for Nintendo 3DS files

  • golddrive - Windows ssh network drive

  • hubfs - File system for GitHub

  • JuiceFS - a distributed POSIX file system built on top of Redis and S3

  • KS2.Drive - Mount a webDAV/AOS server as a local drive

  • nfs-win - NFS for Windows

  • objfs - Object Storage File System

  • rclone - rsync for cloud storage

  • rar2fs - FUSE file system for reading RAR archives

  • redditfs - ls -l /r/programming

  • s3fs-fuse - FUSE-based file system backed by Amazon S3

  • securefs - Filesystem in userspace (FUSE) with transparent authenticated encryption

  • sshfs-win - SSHFS for Windows

  • WordpressDrive - Windows Userspace Filesystem based on WinFsp that presents a Wordpress Site as a Windows Drive

  • xbox-winfsp - Adds native support to Windows for the FATX, STFS & GDFX (aka XGD/XDVDFS) Xbox filesystems.

  • YodaDrive - Mount a Yoda drive as a local drive

File System Libraries