WinFsp is trusted by some of the largest software companies, cloud services companies and major financial institutions in the world.


WinFsp is mature software that is in use in millions of installations. It has been deployed at all scales from government to enterprise to individual.


WinFsp is stable software. There are no known crashes and it does not suffer from resource leaks or similar problems.

Semantically correct

WinFsp strives for correct file system semantics and compatibility with the NTFS file system.


WinFsp outperforms its competition often by an order of magnitude. In many scenarios it performs as well as NTFS.

Easy to use

WinFsp has an easy to use but comprehensive API. It provides native Windows, FUSE and Cygwin API’s for C, C++ and .NET out of the box.

Open Source

WinFsp is open source with all community and transparency benefits that this entails.

Flexible licensing

WinFsp is available under the GPLv3 license with a special exception for Free/Libre and Open Source Software. A commercial license is also available.